International Journal of Transpersonal Studies
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Volume 32(1), 2013         


The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2013, Volume 32, Issue 1

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Implications and Consequences of Post-Modern Philosophy for Contemporary Perspectives on Transpersonal and Spiritual Experience. I. The Later Foucault and Pierre Hadot on a Post-Socratic This-Worldly Mysticism
Harry Hunt

Contemplative Inquiry in Movement: Managing Writer's Block in Academic Writing 
Eva Bojner Horwitz, Cecilia Stenfors, & Walter Osika 

"Say From Whence You Owe this Strange Intelligence": Investigating Explanatory Systems of Spiritualist Mental Mediumship Using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis
Elizabeth C. Roxburgh & Chris A. Roe
The Ethno-Epistemology of Transpersonal Experience: The View from Transpersonal Anthropology
Charles D. Laughlin
Dreamscapes: Topography, Mind, and the Power of Simulacra in Ancient and Traditional Societies
Paul Devereux

Dreaming and Reality: A Neuroanthropological Account
Charles D. Laughlin

Shamanic Cosmology as an Evolutionary Neurocognitive Epistemology
Michael Winkelman

The Self: A Transpersonal Neuroanthropological Account
Charles D. Laughlin

Belief is Not Experience: Transformation as a Tool for Bridging the Ontological Divide in Anthropological Research and Reporting
Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Dream-Spirits and Innovation in Aboriginal Australia's Western Desert
Robert Tonkinson

Understanding Bohm's Holoflux: Clearing Up a Conceptual Misunderstanding of the Holographic Paradigm and Clarifying its Significance to Transpersonal Psychology
Mark A. Schroll

Searching for Wild Elephants in the North Georgia Forests: The Saga of Writing a Transpersonal Dissertation at a Mainstream University
Harris L. Friedman