International Journal of Transpersonal Studies
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Volume 34(1-2), 2015           


The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2015, Volume 34, Issues 1-2

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Mirror Gazing for Cultural Bereavement: A Mixed-Methods Study into the Impact of a Restricted Sensory Environment Meditation Process (Psychomanteum) on Culture Shock in Expatriates
Samuel W. Root 

Leadership Intelligence  Before and After Participation in UGL Leadership Training
Maria Ekegren & Anna Maria Dåderman

Transpersonal Psychology and an Agnostic Experiential Exploration of Mediumship and the Ostensible Phenomenon of Life After Death
Elliot Benjamin 

The Mariner's Way of Individuation An Insight into the Jungian Principle of Acausality
Parisa Shams & Farideh Pourgiv

Further Developing Transpersonal Psychology as a Science: Building and Testing Middle-Range Transpersonal Theories
Harris L. Friedman 


Connecting to the Sacred Through Contemplative Gaze
Diane L. Meyer

Clay as Spiritual Practice
Kat McIver

Japan Dreaming
Jill Mellick

Alchemy Series
Ellen Questel

Altered States of Consciousness and Creative Expression
Micah Linton

The Art of Observation and Experience
Andrée Salom

Transpersonal Space/Time Through the Arts
Lisa Herman

Poetry and Nature
Judy L. Todd

Poetry and Consciousness
Diana Raab 

Mystical Poetry and Imagination Inspiring Transpersonal Awareness of Spiritual Freedom
Dorit Netzer

Exploring Soul Loss Through Arts-Based Research
Jacqueline Linder 

Singing and Participatory Spirituality
Paul D. Freinkel

A Photo Reverie: Creative Synthesis in Intuitive Inquiry
Paul D. Freinkel 

Musical Creativity and Mindfulness Meditation: Can the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation Enhance Perceived Musical Creativity?
John Zachariah Newton