International Journal of Transpersonal Studies
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This journal is sponsored by California Institute of Integral Studies: A university leading in transpersonal education



Call for Papers

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies plans to publish Special Topic sections on the following subject areas during 2015-2016. If you have interest in submitting an article on one of these topics, please send to the editor:

Black Psychology

Jung and Transpersonal

Transpersonal Measures

Integral and Transpersonal Education


Other sites that have transpersonal materials:

Transpersonal Organizations

International Transpersonal Association:

Association of Transpersonal Psychology:

European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS):

Transpersonal or Related Publications

Journal of Transpersonal Psychology:

Journal of Humanistic Psychology: journal/menu.html

The Humanistic Psychologist:

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Transpersonally-Oriented Scholars

Stanley Krippner:

Charles Tart:

David Lukoff:

Etzel Cardeña:

Stanislav Grof:

Roger Walsh:

Michael Daniels:

Olga Louchakova:

Rosemarie Anderson:

William Braud:

John Davis:

Michael Winkelman:

James Fadiman:

Frances Vaughan:

Transpersonally-Oriented Educational Institutions

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology:

California Institute of Integral Studies:

Saybrook University:

Meridian University:

Naropa University:


If you are aware of relevant online resources regarding transpersonal scholarship, please inform the editor.